Refresh & Protect your Bumper. BumperX is the cheaper alternative to a bumper repaint.

We will admit, a bumper repaint will look much better but the BumperX is less than 8% of that cost and will give you at least a 75% improvement in appearence. The black rubber compliments all paint colors. 2 models to choose from:

* 6" x 62" 

*5" x 62


See the difference

• Save $100's off Bumper repair! Peels & sticks over most scratches, dents, & holes!

• Protects your bumper from parallel parking "love taps."

• Stick it & forget it. No need to pull out of trunk each time you park.

• Can easily be trimmed to fit almost any bumper, but will work right out of the box with most cars.

• Made with UV resistant rubber that will withstand the elements.

• The black color compliments every color!

About BumperX

We are a small Bay Area based company dedicated to protecting car bumpers worldwide.  

It all started one day when we purchased a 2005 Prius with a beat up bumper.  We got repaint estimates between $900-$1300 so we opted to find something to just cover the bumper up.  

We searched for a couple of days and found nothing so we spent 6 months researching rubber & adhesion and made our first prototype....and it worked great!  Friends and strangers would inquire about where to get this...and a product was born.