To all 3 of you that follow this blog : )

We have been working (and when I say "we" I mean "me" but thought "we" made us sound more legitimate, but I don't want our relationship to be based off a lie : )  But hope one day I can honestly say "we" because I'm ready to grow what was once a part time hustle into a more fruitful venture that will one day support my family and others.  

I like to create things that are aligned with something I am passionate about.  BumperX was designed to protect and renew my first passion, automobiles.  Now we have ventured into my next enjoyment, horology and the fine timepieces that are meant to incite you alongside being an instrument of utility.  

We created a simple peel and stick sticker made of .70mm PET designed to fight off desk diving marks on your clasp and bracelet attacks on the caseback.  

If you use "WE" in the discount code you will get free standard shipping and 50% off as long as you agree to send us an email of your LIKES and DISLIKES about the product.  Thank you.