Will the BumperX damage my car’s paint when I remove it?

The BumperX will not damage your car’s paint but keep in mind once you pull off the BumperX, it can not be reused. Please watch this video of us taking one off that is 2+ years old.

Why should I buy BumperX instead of other bumper protectors?

The other bumper protectors are great and work well. They hang from the trunk from 2 straps and cover the bumper. What sets our bumper protector apart is that you "set it and forget it". Once you apply BumperX to your car, that's, no more dealing with it.

However our competitor's products do not recommend driving while their product is on. So you basically have to get out of your car each time before you parallel park. The thing is, many people forget or chose to drive with it on which is counterintuitive because the product that is meant to protect actually causes damage.

How easy is the BumperX to take off?

It is simple but requires some elbow grease. Our product is not designed to be reapplied if taken off. Each BumperX has a layer of 3M© high adhesion on the back that sticks to your car but once it is pulled off, the adhesion wears off.

What is this square thing on my bumper and can I stick the BumperX over it?

This is a tow hook cover. If you take it off, there is a hole where you can screw in a tow hook. There is a 1%chance you will ever use this. It is designed so that your car can be pulled out if your goes head first into a ditch. You can apply the BumperX over this and if you do happen to be in that unfortunate 1%, you can have the tow truck man pull off part of BumperX to access the cover.

What are these circles on my bumper and can I stick the BumperX over it?

These circles are part of your car's back up sensors. They detect objects your car is coming close to when you back up and are what controls the speed of the beeping you hear. We do NOT recommend applying the BumperX directly over these but if you are DIYer, you can easily cut holes out of the BumperX so there is nothing covering these.

Will the BumperX protect my car in a crash?

Our product is designed to provide you with two things:

1. Protection for your car from "love taps" during parallel parking that chew up your bumper.

2. A quick and cheaper alternative to repainting your bumper when you want to freshen the look of your car.

Unfortunately it is not designed to protect your car from any impact greater than 2MPH. It might help but it will not prevent damage.

My bumper is only 45" long but the bumperX is 62", what are my options?

Simple, just cut the right side down to the size you need. Our product can be easily trimmed with scissors.