The BumperX can easily be installed by yourself, but will be quicker if you have someone to help. The directions below are for people who will be doing the install by themselves.

Step 1

Wash the bumper. Once it dries, go over the bumper with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil or dirt. It's OK to leave sticker residue on as our adhesive will bind with it.

Step 2

Place the BumperX on your bumper and center it. Use painter's or masking tape to set it.

Step 3

Stand back and make sure your bumper guard is centered.

Step 4a

Slowly and carefully peel off the backing of the bumper protector to expose the adhesive. Be careful to not touch the sticky part.

Step 4b

Start tearing off part of the paper backing while either holding on to the very edge as pictured or onto a section of the BumperX where the paper is still attached.

Step 5

Anchor the bumper protector by slowly pressing it from where the adhesive is exposed (the area where the right hand is holding in picture 4b above) towards the outer edge of the bumper.

Step 6

Firmly press the bumper protector for at least 1 minute. The adhesive reacts to strong pressure and is being set when you press.

Step 7

Once the bumper protector is anchored, start peeling the backing a foot at a time while making sure the BumperX is taut (if there is any slack you will get bubbling which will not maximise the hold). As you pull and expose the adhesive, start pushing it to stick to the bumper. Make sure you are maintaining a straight line across the bumper. You can do this by yourself, but this is where having a helper is handy.

Step 8

Once the bumper protector is on, press firmly and hold for at least a minute in all sections. We recommend applying more pressure and holding for a longer period of time on the outer edges to give these anchor points a little extra stick.

Step 9

Step back and admire your refreshed bumper.